Kitchen Info!

I bake all my goodies for wholesale at the Grace United Church in Dartmouth. It's an approved inspected commercial kitchen equipped with four ovens, lots of prep tables and a commercial dishwasher.

This is a shared kitchen. That means that other people also use this kitchen for their own businesses and products.

Before I start baking, I sanitize all the surfaces. I also use all my own baking equipment that I store in my own cabinet at the kitchen.

Gluten Free Details

Ever wonder when you see "Gluten Free Ingredients" if that actually means "gluten free"?

Although I don't have a certified gluten free kitchen, I take many precautions to ensure things stay separate.

After doing my initial sanitizing, I prepare all my gluten free products first. I use separate beaters, whisks, spatulas, etc. Then all those tools go in a commercial dishwasher to be sanitized for next use.

Once those goodies are completed, I'll re-sanitize all the surfaces again and work on my other items.

I hope this helps, and please reach out anytime if you have any questions!